Writing Great Affiliate Marketing Content

Writing great content is the key to a successful blog or website. The content has to be engaging, offer value and more importantly be well written and structured to appease the almighty Google. This is especially true if your affiliate marketing content is about a product or service that is a little more competitive. You don’t have to be a great writer to create content that will achieve a specific goal. Half the battle is thinking of a way to deliver the content so as though it doesn’t sound salesy and Google doesn’t believe it to be too thin and prevent it from ever ranking.

Coming up with content can be a daunting task, here’s a few ideas and structures that can help you write great, shareable content that will cover all the bases as well as help increase conversions to earn more money with each post.

1. Series Post

A series post is just that, a series. Write on a relevant topic that can be broke up into parts. Post each part everyday, every other day or every Monday. The value for you as the writer is that the hope is visitors will be engaged to return for each part or even read the series a few different times. A few examples/ideas would be a tutorial, writing about an experience or our favorite for a series post, a review on a product or service throughout you using that product of service. People love reviews and search for them like crazy. Writing a review as a series post will help increase your posts value as seen through the eyes of Google.

2. Review Post

This is a given however, there is a rule here. Write your review posts based on change/updates made to the product or service. There’s nothing wrong with an overall review post, but then that makes you the same as everyone else. Take advantage of the update or change and write the review based on that update or change. This makes your content more unique than every one else writing a review.

3. Top 5

We’ve seen them and you have probably wrote one or two. Pick 5 similar products or services and rank them 1 – 5. Try something a little bit different and just like choosing a niche, drill down a little bit. Instead of top 5 SUVs, write about the top 5 SUVs for people with 2 or more kids and base the writing on the SUV and the two kids not just the SUV. Instead of top 10 tablets, write on top 10 tablets for seniors. Get the idea?

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