Why the Startup Affiliate Kit?

Welcome to the Startup Affiliate Kit. The site, for all intensive purposes, was created to share information and strategies learned over the course of 10+ years of affiliate marketing. A lot has changed since we first started affiliate marketing websites in 2004. Commissions are less, there is a ton more competition in every niche and search engines are continually coming down on affiliate specific websites. Despite many of the challenges, there are new opportunities in affiliate marketing everyday. More and more companies understand the power of an affiliate marketing program with new niche possibilities being created everyday. Armed with our Startup Affiliate Kit along with a little drive we are certain that we can help you start or improve your current affiliate marketing website(s).

What you can find on the Site


  1. Our FREE Startup Affiliate Kit
  2. List of high paying affiliate programs
  3. A complete list of affiliate and marketing tools we use everyday
  4. A guide to launch a website in 1 hour or less
  5. A guide to building your email list
  6. Our affiliate marketing blog – updated weekly with all kinds of info


Startup Affiliate Kit is as much about people as it is about business. This site was created for business purposes – sharing affiliate links, promoting services we offer, etc. But, you, the readers and visitors of the site are what motivated us to start this site. We have found a tremendous information gap when it comes to what we deem ‘true affiliate marketing’ and what most people call multi level marketing and other get rich quick schemes. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. If you approach affiliate marketing like a get rich quick scheme business model, you will fail and fail miserably. As with any other business, making a profit takes time. We hope we can get you started on the right track and arm you with the right strategy and tools to make you a successful affiliate marketer. So until next time…


If you ever have questions about affiliate marketing, solving a problem or even guest blogging – don’t hesitate to contact us.