Get More Subscribers – OptinMonster vs Bloom

The email list. Its all about the list, right? Well through our experience, we’ve learned there’s a lot of science involved in building your list. Where to put the form, when to display it, what kind of verbiage to use to entice subscribers. The list goes on. We wanted to highlight 2 pieces of software that we have been using for some time. They each have excellent features and have done a great job taking some of the guesswork out of building your email list.

Bloom Email Optin Plugin
CompatibilityWordPressAll Websites
Form Designer
Email Marketing Services1217
A/B Testing
Behavior Personalization
Display Types67
Exit IntentPro Only
PriceStarts at $89/yrStarts at $49/yr

OptinMonster and Bloom are very similar pieces of software. Each offering base features that will improve your email subscribtions. We suggest taking a look at which software supports your email marketing software. We recommend aWeber and both pieces of software are compatible. Also keep in mind that Bloom includes over 30 themes and 5 other plugins for one price. The table above shows a pretty good comparison of core features and gives you a pretty good comparison. We strongly believe that either one of the software will improve your marketing. Making the decision isn’t easy – OptinMonster vs Bloom.

As you can see, we use Bloom on this website. We prefer Bloom over OptinMonster simply because it comes in the Elegant Themes Bundle and all the sites we build are built on WordPress. Bloom also includes all features for the same price as OptinMonster has a tiered license plan and each tier offers more features, naturally.

Ultimately the purchased decisions comes down to a few things: Price, features and the website platform which you will be using the software on. Below you will find links to save a couple of dollars on whichever software you think will work best for you.

Use this link to get 20% Off Elegant Themes membership – includes Bloom WordPress plugin. Get a OptiMonster license to use across all website platforms including WordPress.