Build Your Affiliate Website

Affiliate marketing, in my opinion, is the best job in the world. You can pick one of your favorite topics that you enjoy – a hobby, a skill, a job, an opportunity, anything really, and chances are somebody is making money online writing about it. The number one roadblock you’ll face is the seemingly daunting task of getting started. But I’m about to show you how easy it is to start your own affiliate marketing website or blog without having any technical skills or coding experience. In fact, you can get started today. As in right NOW. Below I have put together for you a step-by-step tutorial in ridiculous detail (including screenshots) on how to get your new website online in minutes.

This is a quick, clear walk-through for getting your first affiliate website up and running with WordPress. So here we go…

Step 1

Head over to MODAhost and hover over the WEB HOSTING link in the navigation, then click WordPress Site/Blog.

Step 2

Next, you’ll land on a page with your plan selections. Since you’re just starting out I recommend the Basic plan since it is the cheapest and you can always upgrade later.

Step 3

Once you hit the Add to Cart button you’ll end up on the term selection page. Select the hosting term that you would like based on price, the longer the term the more you save.

Step 4

Depending on the hosting term, you may have qualified for a free domain name, if not, you can search/buy your domain right from the cart.

Once you have decided on your domain and completed the normal checkout process which is similar to any other online checkout, you will be directed to your newly created account.

Step 5

In your newly created account, find ‘WordPress Hosting’ and click the blue Setup button

Step 6

Next, you will need to click ‘Create a New WordPress Site’

Step 7

Click ‘Select a domain from your account’ and choose the domain you have just purchased.

Next, choose your username, your email that you will use for the site, and a strong password then click ‘FINISH’

It takes about 45 seconds to deploy your new WordPress installation.

Step 8

Now your installation is setup. Click ‘MANAGE’ which will log you into your new site. That’s it.

You can now begin customizing your site, however before you get started, MODAhost managed WordPress hosting install tutorial videos right into your WordPress dashboard so you can now begin the tutorials to customize your site and get started. The MODAhost managed WordPress hosting has the best performance, highest level of security, most affordable of all managed WordPress hosting services, they are a small company and they have been helping me make money and dominated page speeds for the past 6 years that I have been with them. Their product and setup is simple and extremely easy.

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