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Startup Affiliate Kit in the Wild – Move Up Real Estate

Move Up Real Estate
Move Up Real Estate

Being a professional in today’s real estate market requires constant marketing and self-branding in order to be successful and reach new clients. Thankfully, there are many different technologies available to real estate professionals that remove the learning-curve and the leg work for many of these tasks. The difficulty is determining which of these tools, software, programs, and companies provide the best fit, and value, for each individual’s specific needs. All realtors want to make more money and grow their real estate business, Move Up Real Estate can help. Continue »

Get More Subscribers – OptinMonster vs Bloom

The email list. Its all about the list, right? Well through our experience, we’ve learned there’s a lot of science involved in building your list. Where to put the form, when to display it, what kind of verbiage to use to entice subscribers. The list goes on. We wanted to highlight 2 pieces of software that we have been using for some time. They each have excellent features and have done a great job taking some of the guesswork out of building your email list. Continue »

WordPress Affiliate Website – The Basics

WordPress is the most popular CMS and blogging platform on the web. WordPress is easy to learn and most importantly, its free. Creating a WordPress affiliate website is easy. If you haven’t checked it out yet, we’ve already written a brief tutorial on getting your affiliate website up and running. In this post, we’ll discuss the themes and plugins we use on every website that we create with WordPress. Continue »

Writing Great Affiliate Marketing Content

Writing great content is the key to a successful blog or website. The content has to be engaging, offer value and more importantly be well written and structured to appease the almighty Google. This is especially true if your affiliate marketing content is about a product or service that is a little more competitive. You don’t have to be a great writer to create content that will achieve a specific goal. Half the battle is thinking of a way to deliver the content so as though it doesn’t sound salesy and Google doesn’t believe it to be too thin and prevent it from ever ranking. Continue »

What’s Your Niche

Choosing a niche for your affiliate website is a challenge. There are endless possibilities, but let’s start by eliminating some of the negative thoughts you may have right from the start. Continue »

Why the Startup Affiliate Kit?

Welcome to the Startup Affiliate Kit. The site, for all intensive purposes, was created to share information and strategies learned over the course of 10+ years of affiliate marketing. A lot has changed since we first started affiliate marketing websites in 2004. Commissions are less, there is a ton more competition in every niche and search engines are continually coming down on affiliate specific websites. Continue »