Affiliate Website Content

affiliate website content

Writing great content isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be hard. Content for your website or blog can be more than just long paragraphs and grammatically correct sentences. Content encompasses not only those paragraphs but also your images, videos, maybe a podcast. Think of your content as everything that goes on your website that isn’t part of the design foundation, you might go as far as to consider the copyright line at the bottom of the website as content.

Writing affiliate website content can be more challenging than, say, writing content for a newsletter. Your text should always be more than 350 words per page. Try and use a few different headings and bold text. You write the content on your affiliate website to create more sales so you can earn a commission. Highlight important points and sections as necessary. Your content needs to be useful, deliver value to the reader. Differentiating some text from the next can also make it easier for your readers to digest. You don’t want your affiliate website content to be written like a sales pitch. Here are a few ideas for affiliate website content that make it hard to sound salesy:

  1. Creatively tie an affiliate product to a current trend or event
  2. Q & A – Get creative, you can be the interviewee and interviewer, you’re secret is safe with me
  3. Complain about a product’s/service’s – “Can you believe I paid $100 for xxxxxx?” Highlight features, your tone can be neutral, some advertisers won’t allow negative mentions, so be careful, this idea has a fine line but its hard to sound salesy, this one converts fairly well
  4. Update on your personal use of some affiliate products – we use and promote tons of products/services on this site, but here its more for transparency to help you, but you can get creative with this one too
  5. Product/Service Cheatsheet – tips and tricks your readers might not know about specific features of a product or service

Affiliate website content, as stated earlier, doesn’t have to be text. Keep an open mind when it comes to content. Great photos and images are always a plus, view our list of free stock photos or another list. Create a meme, an infographic, or post videos, but be careful with videos, some already have links or point viewers to websites which could mean that you lose the visitor as well as the potential sale. To avoid this you could always create the videos yourself.

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