High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs

This is the archive of high paying affiliate programs. This list changes as the authors of Startup Affiliate Kit see fit. Merchants will come and go from time to time and this is the most up date running list that we provide.

v2 vaporizer

The V2 eCig affiliate program is the only eCig affiliate program that we promote. Most of the other companies are very questionable on both their product and business. V2 offers an excellent product at an affordable price and pays about $25/sale. Its not a huge payout but it their new V2 and V2Pro eCig lines are converting extremely well. Check them out, we have been promoting their V2 on our sports niche sites and they have been converting. Sign up for the V2 affiliate program, you’ll make some money.

aweber affiliate marketing

AWeber email marketing has long been regarded as one of the best email marketing providers. The AWeber affiliate program is the best email marketing affiliate program as well. Their quality service and free trial converts extremely well. The best part is that they offer residual commissions for each sale you make. Join the AWeber affiliate program if you are promoting email marketing, you’ll make a lot more money with AWeber than with any other email marketing affiliate program.

Propeller Affiliate Program

Propeller Ads is a great Google Adsense alternative. Propeller offers three advantages over Google Adsense:

  1. Lower requirements to be accepted into network
  2. Get paid for impressions & clicks (CPM and CPC for publishers)
  3. Refer users and receive 5% of their earnings

We use Propeller on many of our web properties over Google Adsense simply because for those niches, the pay is better. If you haven’t checked them out before, we suggest you do. They serve up great ads and you’ll be happy with your paycheck 🙂

Prosperent Affiliate Program

The Prosperent affiliate program is one that we use on nearly every affiliate blog that we publish. It is the ideal solution for any blog or site that is publishing content related to products. The advantage is that it will automagically link products to the best affiliate program and get your commission. All of this without logging into your many affiliate accounts and copy and pasting links. Its a huge time saver and the payouts are right on par with what you get on any other affiliate network or by using a direct affiliate program. Try it, you’ll like it.

cms commander

The CMS Commander affiliate program offers a very reasonable 30% payout. We use the product on all of our WordPress sites and can say that without it, we would be spending a ton more time managing all of our WP sites. Promoting a service like CMS Commander on any site or blog that you are promoting web related software or services is perfect because the service has so much value that you’ll be converting like crazy. Why? We know because we convert about 21% of our clicks on our main web related blog. Its a money maker for sure.

Web Traffic Book Affiliate Program

The Web Traffic Book affiliate program offers crazy good affiliate payouts. We purchased the Web Traffic Book about 3 years ago on its first release and can honestly say that without it, our affiliate marketing sites may still be in dead water without any traffic at all. The affiliate program pays out an excellent $40 per sale and the conversion is very good as its one of the few traffic ebooks that actually works and has a well designed landing page. This is a great program to promote on any web related site or blog.

Internet Business Factory Affiliate Program

The Internet Business Factory affiliate program is unique and unmatched by any other program that we promote and we strongly suggest that you join the affiliate program ASAP. We have converted 100% of the traffic we have sent here! We have not promoted it on the web however we have sent friends and family to the affiliate link in response to questions like “How are you making so much money online?”. The product can turn any newb or even a novice internet user into a money making machine and we are absolutely not joking about this one. The system was first introduced 6 years ago and has since changed names to Internet Business Factory. We purchased the system in 2010 and gave it 89 days to see if it actually worked or if we needed to get ask for our money back. Well we never asked for our money back. In those first 89 days, we generated $8,156 and change. After getting our checks from ClickBank, we decided that this was now our full-time job and we have never looked back. Promoting the Internet Business Factory is a must, we shortened the link and put it on a business card and send about 3 people a month that we meet, they did the rest and converted EVERY SINGLE PERSON. Join the program, buy the software, its an excellent business and affiliate program.

Salehoo Affiliate Program

The Salehoo affiliate program is a perfect program for any niche that is about making money online. They sell drop shipping info and websites, the service is great and its the best drop shipping affiliate program available. If you write about selling on ebay, Amazon or any other type of niche where your readers may be interested in wholesale products, promote this affiliate program and you’ll be in the money.

Affilorama Affiliate Program

Affilorama is the top training for any serious affiliate marketing individual or business. We say business because if you are serious about affiliate marketing and treat it the way you should – like a business, Affilorama is the best training and education course for affiliate marketers that money can buy. Its more like a complete program than most others in the fact that there are a boatload of tools, ebooks and videos included that you keep forever as resources to help you continue training even after the course.

Instabuilder Affiliate Program

A quick and easy way to create high converting landing pages and complete website. The affiliate program pays about 35% and is perfect for a blog or website that relates to websites, marketing or ecommerce.