High Paying Affiliate Networks

High Paying Affiliate Networks used by Startup Affiliate Kit and the author of Startup Affiliate Kit


FlexOffers is one of the top affiliate marketing networks. Premier programs such as adidas, priceline.com, newegg.com and hundreds more. Not all of the programs are what we consider to be high paying affiliate programs but they offer such a wide array of advertisers that FlexOffers is a must have network so to speak for any and all affiliate marketers.

Prosperent Affiliate Program

The Prosperent affiliate program is one that we use on nearly every affiliate blog that we publish. It is the ideal solution for any blog or site that is publishing content related to products. The advantage is that it will automagically link products to the best affiliate program and get your commission. All of this without logging into your many affiliate accounts and copy and pasting links. Its a huge time saver and the payouts are right on par with what you get on any other affiliate network or by using a direct affiliate program. Try it, you’ll like it.

Skim Affiliate Program

The Skim affiliate program creates affiliate links for you. Just write your content and include the names of products and Skim will automatically link the product text to an affiliate. Anytime someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase you will get paid affiliate commission. Its super simple and great for blogs that mention a lot of products and authors that don’t want to take the time to go back and link every product mentioned throughout a post. Try it and see how simple it is.

ShareASale Affiliate Network

The Shareasale affiliate network is a must for most all affiliate markets. They have exclusives for many affiliate programs across a lot of major niches. We have been with Shareasale for a little over 4 years and rely on the network for a majority of our income.

Viglinks Affiliate Program

The Viglinks affiliate program is a little bit different.

  1. It automatically links products to affiliate products.
  2. You can earn the same as you would going to direct to other affiliate networks/programs
  3. You can refer other users and earn a % of their affiliate earnings

Think of it as a very lazy way to make affiliate income from sites/blogs where you can just write content on products and it will automatically insert the link and send you commission for conversions. Its extremely simple. Sign up and implement it, you won’t regret it.