Financial Affiliate Programs

Financial related high paying affiliate marketing programs

bitcoin affiliate program

Bitcoin has been a steady force in financials. The Coinbase affiliate program is very simple and easy to make money/bitcoin. Refer any and everyone that you know of don’t to get their first bitcoin wallet from the most trusted bitcoin wallet provider in the US. For everyone you refer, you get $5 in bitcoin and so does your referral. It may not seem like a lot but we are averaging about $120 in free bitcoin every month with their affiliate program. The best part, as bitcoin price increases, your payout from the affiliate program suddenly becomes more and more valuable. Its awesome, promote this, its time well spent as its super easy.

SOFI Affiliate Program

The SOFI affiliate program is very new along with the company. SOFI is a social lender and their goal is to help students get and stay out of debt. The program is excellent for anyone with an audience between 22 – 35 as that seems to be the demographic carrying a majority of the student loan debt. We don’t feel that this program has any restrictions as far as niches go, almost everyone has student loan debt. The SOFI affiliate program has come generous payouts depending on the product your referral applies to receive. Promote it, the conversion rate so far has been very promising.

Lendio Affiliate Program

The Lendio affiliate program is our choice for business related sites and blogs. Promoting Lendio is not what we call easy but its not hard either. They finance businesses for loans and lines of credit and they are one of the most trusted business lenders in business. Implementing the Lendio affiliate program alongside traditional banners and PPC works very nicely in any business related niche and paired with Propeller Ads your blog or site can start making money fairly quickly. The Lendio affiliate program pays on a per lead and a per contract basis. This helps with conversions as some of the business owners that you refer may not qualify but you will still make great money generating leads. Sign up, its well worth the payouts.