eCommerce Affiliate Programs

eCommerce affiliate programs that pay for referring businesses and individuals looking to open or upgrade their own online store. One of the highest paying affiliate marketing niches.

Internet Business Factory Affiliate Program

The Internet Business Factory affiliate program is unique and unmatched by any other program that we promote and we strongly suggest that you join the affiliate program ASAP. We have converted 100% of the traffic we have sent here! We have not promoted it on the web however we have sent friends and family to the affiliate link in response to questions like “How are you making so much money online?”. The product can turn any newb or even a novice internet user into a money making machine and we are absolutely not joking about this one. The system was first introduced 6 years ago and has since changed names to Internet Business Factory. We purchased the system in 2010 and gave it 89 days to see if it actually worked or if we needed to get ask for our money back. Well we never asked for our money back. In those first 89 days, we generated $8,156 and change. After getting our checks from ClickBank, we decided that this was now our full-time job and we have never looked back. Promoting the Internet Business Factory is a must, we shortened the link and put it on a business card and send about 3 people a month that we meet, they did the rest and converted EVERY SINGLE PERSON. Join the program, buy the software, its an excellent business and affiliate program.

Salehoo Affiliate Program

The Salehoo affiliate program is a perfect program for any niche that is about making money online. They sell drop shipping info and websites, the service is great and its the best drop shipping affiliate program available. If you write about selling on ebay, Amazon or any other type of niche where your readers may be interested in wholesale products, promote this affiliate program and you’ll be in the money.

weebly affiliate program

The Weebly affiliate program just got a whole lot better. Why? Well they just overhauled their product and its wayyyy better than its ever been. Anytime a company improves their product as much as Weebly has, as an affiliate, your job becomes way easier. Its a great program to promote on business and web related sites or blogs.

Shopify Affiliate Program

The Shopify affiliate program is the highest paying affiliate program on Startup Affiliate Kit. Its also one of the most competitive. If you are promoting anything related to business, online stores, websites, marketing or really anything that has to do with the web, promote Shopify. The payouts can be as high as $358 for a single referred account. This is a program that many including ourselves can make a living on. $10,000/month from Shopify is no our the question. The Shopify affiliate program offers you two options on payout, you can get paid once on account creation or you can opt to get residual income each time they customers you refer are billed. Either way with this program you are sure to make a lot of money so long as you promote it right.

Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr affiliate program – refer users and get a free gig for yourself. Not what you call ‘high paying’, but there is a lot of value for you to earn free gigs to use for promoting or design work or whatever gig on Fiverr that might strike your fancy. Create custom links to refer traffic to specific Fiverr ‘Gigs’ to increase conversions.