Ad Network Affiliate Programs

Ad Networks that offer affiliate programs. Get paid a commission for referring other qualified publishers to their network.

mellow ads

Mellow Ads – Free Advertising

Mellow Ads is an amazing bitcoin ad network that allows you to claim free ad credits every day. On top of that they will pay you 50% commissions on all free ad claims from your referrals. Earn free ad credits for your websites everyday right now!

Propeller Affiliate Program

Propeller Affiliate Program

Propeller Ads is a great Google Adsense alternative. Propeller offers three advantages over Google Adsense:

  1. Lower requirements to be accepted into network
  2. Get paid for impressions & clicks (CPM and CPC for publishers)
  3. Refer users and receive 5% of their earnings

We use Propeller on many of our web properties over Google Adsense simply because for those niches, the pay is better. If you haven’t checked them out before, we suggest you do. They serve up great ads and you’ll be happy with your paycheck 🙂